The practical driving test for buses and lorries (2023)

If you want to drive a lorry or a bus, you will need to take a theory and practical driving test. The driving tests are designed to test the skills you will need to be a vocational driver.

Tests go digital

Driving examiners will be usingadigital tabletto carry out category C, C1, and C+E practical driving tests instead of using the paper based driver test marking system.

There is no change to the driving test or to the assessment, only to the method of capturing the information during the test.

This means that candidates who provide an email address can have the test results emailed to them after the test and ifthey'vepassed thetest, their licence will be issued automatically, if appropriate.

All test centres where category B, C, C1, and C+E tests are carried out, will be using the tablet devices instead of the paper based driver test marking system.

What the test includes

At the beginning of the test you will be asked five vehicle safety questions. For more information about the vehicle safety questions, see the section below. You will be examined on your general driving and on set exercises. The set exercises will include:

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  • an 'S' shaped reverse into a bay
  • a braking exercise (on road)
  • demonstrating the uncoupling and re-coupling procedure if you're taking a test with a trailer

If you take your test in a manual vehicle, you will not be asked to carry out a specific gear-change exercise during the general driving element of your test. Instead, you will be assessed throughout the test on your ability to choosethe appropriategear as part of general driving.

The drive on the road lasts about 60 minutes and the overall test takes about 90 minutes.

Vehicle safety questions

These are basic safety checks that a driver should carry out to make sure the vehicle is safe for use. Although some checks may involve opening the engine compartment to identify where fluid levels would be checked, you will not be asked to touch a hot engine or physically check fluid levels.

As vehicle technology advances, more and more vehicles are being equipped with electronic diagnostic systems that tell the driver the engine fluid levels and tyre pressures. It will be acceptable for you to refer to the vehicle information system (if fitted) when answering questions on fluid levels or tyre pressures - as long as the information provided by the system is adequate.

List of questions you may be asked

Drivers seeking vocational licence entitlement should be experienced and technically expert. The assessment criteria reflects this. Candidates will be asked five questions which will be a combination of ‘show me’ and ‘tell me’. A driving fault will be recorded for each incorrect answer to a maximum of four driving faults. If the candidate answers all five questions incorrectly, a serious fault will be recorded.


For a list of the safety questions you could be asked in your driving test, follow the links below:

During the test

During the driving test the examiner will give you directions which you should follow. Test routes are designed to be as uniform as possible and will include a range of typical road and traffic conditions. Throughout the test you should drive in the way your instructor has taught you. If you make a mistake, don't worry about it, it might be a less serious fault and may not affect your result.

The examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving. You can make up to 15 driving faults and still pass the test (16 or more driving faults will mean a failure). However, if you commit one serious or dangerous fault you will fail the test.

If at any time your examiner considers you to be a danger to other road users, your test will be stopped.

You are allowed to take someone with you on the test, this person must be over 16 years old and they can't take any part in the test.

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After the test

When the driving test is over, the examiner will tell you whether you passed or failed. You can request feedback on your test from the examiner, who will then go through your performance during the test. Your instructor orpassengeris welcome to listen to this feedback if you wish.

If you pass

Your examiner will issue you with a pass certificate which you should send to:

Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) Licensing
Castlerock Road
BT51 3TB

along with your licence to get full licence entitlement. Full details will be on the back of your pass certificate.

If you fail

If you fail the test you should ask the examiner for some feedback to help prepare yourself for your next test. Your driving test report form will also show you where you made any mistakes.

Driving test standards

All examiners are trained to carry out the test to the same standard. They do not have pass or fail quotas. As long as you achieve the standard required you will pass your driving test.

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Weather conditions/ mechanical problems

DVA doesn't conduct tests in bad light or in adverse weather conditions for the safety of the candidate and the examiner. Another appointment will be arranged at no further cost, however, compensation is not payable.

Candidates should call the telephone number quoted on the appointment letter to check whether their test will go ahead. If the driving test is not completed for reasons to do with you or your vehicle, you will have to take another test at your own cost.

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How do I pass my driving test for the first time? ›

How to pass your driving test quickly
  1. Be on time. ...
  2. Have a lesson beforehand. ...
  3. Check you have everything you need. ...
  4. Use your instructor's car. ...
  5. Take your instructor along for reassurance. ...
  6. Ask your examiner to repeat, if you need. ...
  7. Don't assume you've failed. ...
  8. Choose where you want to take your test.
Oct 26, 2022

What attempt do most people pass their driving test? ›

As part of this research, they produced details of how many attempts it takes different age groups to pass the driving test. These stats are quite positive—particularly for younger drivers. Most people between the ages of 17 and 24 managed to pass the test on their first or second attempt.

How many critical errors are there in a driving test? ›

If you make more than one Critical Error in Stage 1 of your restricted licence test, or more than two Critical Errors across the whole test, the Testing Officer has to give you a fail mark. The best way to avoid making Critical Errors in your test is to avoid them in your everyday driving.

Is parallel parking on the driving test in Michigan? ›

Yes. In the state of Michigan you are required to parallel park for the purposes of your driver's test. Depending on where you are in the state, you will be required to parallel park on the road or in the parking lot with cones.

How many people pass first time? ›

When it comes to pass rates, we've noticed a significant variation between males and females, with males having a 53.4 per cent average between April 2020 to March 2021 per-attempt pass rate compared to 48.6 per cent for females.

What is the best time of day to take the driving test? ›

Late afternoon and evening driving tests

One benefit of a later test is that during the winter months there's less chance of the test being cancelled because of icy roads. Evening tests in summer can be good, especially after 7pm, because of the quieter roads after rush hour.

How do I calm myself down before my driving test? ›

The 10 most effective ways to combat driving test nerves
  1. Tell yourself you're ready. ...
  2. Keep it a secret. ...
  3. Don't skip meals. ...
  4. Pretend it's a mock. ...
  5. Arrive at the test centre in good time and make sure your diary is free. ...
  6. Don't do too much on test day. ...
  7. Stay off the caffeine. ...
  8. Go to the lavatory.
Jan 17, 2021

How many times can you fail your restricted? ›

You can have up to two critical errors over the whole test. Three or more critical errors mean you fail the test.

What are the five driving errors? ›

Take a look at these five common driving mistakes – and how to correct them:
  • You get distracted easily. ...
  • You're focusing on the wrong things. ...
  • You drive aggressively. ...
  • You signal too early, too late, or not at all. ...
  • You drive when you're tired.

What should a driver do before they move off? ›

Explanation: When moving off from the side of the road, you shouldn't drive out into the path of an approaching vehicle, either behind or ahead. To make sure there's no vehicle in the blind area, drivers need to look around just before moving off.

How many errors may you have on your driving test that consist of 200 items? ›

Over 200 items are scored on the driving test. You may only make 15 or fewer errors to pass the test.

How many mistakes are allowed on driving test Michigan? ›

To pass, you must not get more than 25 points or receive an automatic failure. Read here ( ccылка вниз на road test) more about the driving skills test. If you fail, you can reschedule another test after 24 hours.

What is an automatic failure on the driving test in Michigan? ›

Repeated failure to follow instructions will result in test termination. If you intentionally fail to follow an examiner's instructions, the examiner will give you a verbal warning and ask you to repeat the exercise. If you fail to follow the same instructions twice, the test will be terminated as an automatic failure.

How to pass Michigan drivers test? ›

To pass the MI DMV written test, you must score 80% or higher (at least 40 correct answers). 2. If a traffic officer signals you to drive through a red light: you must not obey the officer.
MI DMV Permit Practice Test.
Number of questions:50
Correct answers to pass:40
Passing score:80%
Minimum age to apply:14 ¾

Where is the highest pass rate for driving tests? ›

The number one test centre, with a pass rate of 87.1%, is Mallaig – a port in Lochaber, on the west coast of the Highlands of Scotland.

Is it hard to pass driving test? ›

You will face many potentially dangerous obstacles during the test, so with a combination of anxiety, nerves and stress (all while you're sitting next to the examiner) it's certainly not easy for anyone. People fail for a multitude of reasons, and passing requires experience and practice, hard work and determination.

How many lessons do you need to pass driving? ›

The average learner needs 20 hours of practice to pass the driving test, in addition to 45 hours of driving lessons. This is only an average though and shouldn't be something you feel you have to compare yourself to.

Which state has easiest driving test? ›

South Dakota has the easiest driving test of any state, followed by Ohio and New York, the study found.

What state has the hardest driving? ›

KOMO News recently reported on a study by Siegfried and Jensen, which says that Washington state is the hardest state in the nation to pass the driving test.

What's the hardest drivers license to get? ›

These are the toughest countries to get a drivers license in
  • 10 toughest countries to get your driver's license. Croatia. Brazil. Hungary. Bahrain. Montenegro. Kuwait. Chili. Belgium. Israel. Lithuana.
  • 10 easiest countries to get your driver's license. Mexico. Qatar. Latvia. United States. Canada. Estonia. Barbados. Indonesia. Philippines.
Sep 29, 2021

Why eat a banana before driving test? ›

Eat and drink well

Don't drink energy drinks or coffee before a test as caffeine can heighten your nerves. Bananas are a great choice as they're full of vitamin B and contain tryptophan, the 'happy hormone', which helps in calming your nerves and keeping your mood uplifted.

Why do I get so nervous on my driving test? ›

With a backlog of driving tests, learner drivers are likely to feel even more pressure than before to pass their driving test when the time finally arrives. Driving test anxiety can come from a variety of sources, including confidence in driving ability, dislike of being watched by the examiner and fear of failure.

What are the 5 deadliest habits of driving? ›

The 5 Deadliest Driving Habits
  • Speeding. This is common knowledge: speed increases the danger of collisions by increasing their impact and, therefore, increasing the possibility of injury or death. ...
  • DUI. ...
  • Aggressive Driving and Road Rage. ...
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way. ...
  • Distracted Driving.
Dec 13, 2022

What is the most common driver mistake? ›

Stopping suddenly and without warning is one of the biggest mistakes drivers make, and it leads to one of the highest incidents of accidents on roads and highways. Drivers should always be conscious of the cars behind them, and should stop slowly and with care — giving everyone nearby a chance to react and adjust.

What is the number one fatal mistake made by drivers? ›

1. Failure to Control Speed. This all-encompassing error includes everything from driving too fast down a hill or through a curve to going too fast in the rain or fog — even if your speed happens to be below the speed limit!

What are 2 things you should not do when driving? ›

DON'T engage in other activities, while driving, that distract your attention or reduce your reaction time. Eating, changing clothes, or putting on makeup while driving is dangerous. In some states, if you are caught doing these things while driving you can be cited for "driver inattention" and given a ticket.

What mirrors do you look at when parallel parking? ›

Turn the wheels ALL THE WAY to the LEFT. Look back and slowly back-up until you are parallel with the curb. Use your right door mirror to see that the curb and right side of your car are parallel.

Which state has the hardest permit test? ›

In fact, a study by Siegfried & Jensen shows Washington is the hardest state in the nation to get a driver's license. The study's authors obtained information from each state DMV's official driver handbook and driver testing and

Can you turn right on red in California? ›

You can turn right at a red light, if: There is not a NO TURN ON RED sign posted. You stop at the stop or limit line, yield for pedestrians, and turn when it is safe.

How much is a road test in Michigan? ›

The cost to attend Same Day Road Test ranges from $40 to $250 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $75.

How soon can you retake driving test Michigan? ›

I failed my knowledge or driving test, when can I retake it? You must wait at least 24 hours. Study the manual carefully and practice before retaking the test.

Where is the best place to practice parallel parking? ›

ALWAYS practice parallel parking in an empty parking lot before attempting it on the road between real vehicles. Cones or flags can be set up 25 feet apart to show where other cars would sit. When you can parallel park in an empty lot without hitting these markers, you are ready to try it for real.

What happens if you fail the mo driving test three times? ›

However, if you fail the test 3 times, you won't be able to take it again without written authorization from the Department of Revenue. You will get the form to send to the department and receive a letter that will ask you to get extra behind-the-wheel training.

Can you drive straight after passing your test Michigan? ›

After you pass the knowledge test, you will qualify for a Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP). A TIP lets you practice driving for up to 180 days with a licensed adult who is 21 years old or older.

Can I get my license without taking the road test in Michigan? ›

To obtain a Michigan license, you must complete driver's education through the Graduated Driver Licensing program, which includes passing Segment 1, Segment 2 and the on-road driver skills test.

Is parallel parking required in Michigan? ›

Do I have to parallel park? Yes. In the state of Michigan you are required to parallel park for the purposes of your driver's test. Depending on where you are in the state, you will be required to parallel park on the road or in the parking lot with cones.

What is the bus driver test in Michigan? ›

The MI CDL bus test consists of 20 questions, and you'll need at least 16 correct answers to pass (80%). The knowledge test covers the following sections of the Michigan CDL Manual: School Buses, Vehicle Inspection Test, Basic Control Skills Test and Road Test.

What does the Pennsylvania driving test consist of? ›

The knowledge test consists of 18 multiple-choice questions. You must answer 15 questions correctly to pass the test. Possible driving situations are available on our Teen Driver Information Center.

How do I pass my driving test in WA? ›

To meet the standard and pass practical driving assessment you will need to pass following criteria: Looking (observing in general), Signaling (using indicators on time and correctly), Flow (completing maneuvers with minimal delay), Movement (starting, stopping and turning smoothly), Path (keeping within prescribed ...

How many mistakes are allowed on driving test in Pennsylvania? ›

How Many Mistakes Can You Make on the Driving Test. The PA driver's test scoring system is used to calculate points in the driving test. There is no particular number of mistakes that you can make; rather, each error adds points, and you must stay below a certain number of points.

Is PA driving test hard? ›

The Pennsylvania road test is the cause of much stress for many new drivers. Of course, it's extremely important that you prepare properly to ensure a passing score on the road test, as it is one of the more difficult parts in the licensing process.

Can I use my backup camera on my drivers test in PA? ›

You can use a backup camera for your driver's test. You just CAN'T use it as your primary line of site. You check the backup camera as you would check your mirrors before reversing. Do a 360° scan around your vehicle before putting the vehicle in motion.

How many attempts are there for a driving test in WA? ›

I failed my WA knowledge test. What's next? You are allowed to make a second attempt in 4 hours. The second time you fail, you can retake the exam in 1 day.

What is an automatic fail on a driving test in WA? ›

You have to come to a full and complete stop on your driving test. If you don't come to a complete stop at a stop sign or red light, it's an automatic failure. In a complete stop, there is zero movement. In other words, the car is completely at rest.


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