The Best Wellness Retreats With The Most Value In Canada - The Curious Creature (2022)

*By:Catherine Sugrue*

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘vacation’? Well, usually we’d like to believe that it’s a time meant for rest or taking a much-needed pause from the grind of every day life. But, what can end up happening, is that we come back feeling even more exhausted or sluggish from indulging just a little bit too much or from running ourselves ragged while trying to take in all of the sights. We then need a vacation from our actual vacation! So, why not make your next holiday truly all about the self-care that you need. I know I used to feel that little pang of guilt when I thought about only taking care of myself and not focusing all of my attention on others – but trust me when I say that you can’t pour from an empty cup, my friends.

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That’s why I’ve decided to put together a list of some wellness retreats located all across Canada that also offer the most value for the experience, alongside ample opportunity for some ultimate relaxation. That way, you can just worry about focusing on yourself. Because trust me, you deserve it.


1) Grail Springs –Located in Bancroft, this private holistic and wellness sanctuary is surrounded by the therapeutic spring-fed Chalice Lake, an abundance of wildlife, hiking trails, hundreds of acres of pristine lush forest, and even meditation gardens. They have a strong focus on sustainability and a love for nature, while also respecting and utilizing the fact that they’re located in the mineral capital of Canada. This makes their healing techniques quite unique, as they’re centred around harnessing the health benefits of their potent environment.

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Grail Springs offers anything from 2 to 21 night retreat packages starting at $265 CAD pp per night, which all vary, but include accommodation, healthy plant-based meals, daily yoga and meditation, hot and cold saunas, mineral tub soaks, guided hikes, evening classes and more!

2) St Anne’s Spa – Located about 90 minutes from Toronto in Grafton, the Main Inn and Ontario spa cottages are nestled across over 400 acres of rolling countryside. With over 35 high-end treatments, they have achieved a world-class status as a destination spa, with an emphasis on helping their guests to improve their physical and mental well-being. It’s all about letting your hair down (so to speak), slipping into a robe and being unapologetically yourself – while leaving your problems at the door.

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Their 3-day Yoga Retreat Package starts at $850 CAD pp per stay, with an experience that allows you to explore your true essence through activities like yoga classes and vision board work, as release techniques in order to help achieve clarity and harness creativity. The communal retreat includes a shared accommodation in a deluxe spa cottage with a private room and bathroom, hikes, group meals, evening get-togethers and more. The idea of shared spaces and gatherings is set in order to forge bonds with like-minded individuals, with the hopes of developing life-long friendships and connection. You don’t have to be an expert yogi either, as they pride themselves on creating a safe and comfortable space for all levels of practice.

3) Northern Edge Algonquin –Located on Kawawaymog Lake in Algonquin Park, this nature retreat and wellness centre creates and hosts all-inclusive experiences for small groups of 10-35 participants. With multi-day activities, you’re encouraged to unplug and disconnect, in order to recharge, re-inspire and reconnect to yourself and to the earth. As the largest solar-powered retreat centre in Canada, they’re dedicated to offering affordable rates that maximize human and environmental wellness, while also allowing for them to sustain themselves and keep doing what they do so well.

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You can plan your own time away or join in on an upcoming scheduled retreat, which means that timing and rates do vary. Each tailored experience involves locals in the area, including artists, storytellers, musicians, yoga and wellness facilitators, naturalists, growers and chefs. Sleep comfortably in eco-cabins, designed specifically with nature in mind, and indulge in organic and locally-sourced food.

4) Shanti Retreat– Located on stunning Wolfe Island, you can relax, unwind and rejuvenate on a Canadian island getaway just south of Kingston and the gateway to the Thousand Islands. You’ll have to hop on a 20-minute ferry, but once you arrive, you’ll find a spacious century inn and cabins located on the 11-acre property, with sweeping views of the St. Lawrence. Surrounded by nature and located close to the secluded beach of Big Sandy Bay, there’s ample opportunity to soak in the country sky to star-gaze.

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You can join them for a weekend or mid-week yoga retreat, offered over 3, 4 or 5 day stays. Each experience comes with varied choices of accommodation, vegetarian meals, yoga and meditation classes, infrared sauna sessions, and full use of the amenities. Prices vary, starting from $465 CAD per person per stay.


1) Gaia Wellness Retreat– Located 15 minutes north of Wakefield, you can find yourself in a cabin nestled in the trees or in a private room in the main lodge, on the 70-acre forested property. Created with the intention of providing a tranquil escape into nature, their goal is to offer you the chance to take time away for yourself, in order to connect authentically with others and to yourself.

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There are a variety of retreats, including yoga, personal, nature, silent, healing, meditation and even day workshops. Experiences start at $125 CAD and include accommodation, vegetarian meals, and daily yoga and meditation. Staff can also work with you to design your own journey. Personal retreats, where complete silence is an option, can lead to an awakening awareness with a chance to re-connect with your true self and surrender old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you.

2) Le Monastère des Augustines –Located in the heart of Quebec City, this old monastery is now a historical retreat known for its unique approach to health and wellness. Carefully restored and redesigned, the space offers guests a unique experience in holistic health, merged with a rare opportunity to connect to the Augustinian Sisters’ remarkable heritage.

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Packages vary from a one night stay at $80 CAD in one of the traditional nurses quarters, with access to the museum on site where you can learn all about the rich history – all the way to wellness stays from 2-7 nights that start at $166 CAD, which include accommodation, meals, yoga and meditation. Some of the experiences even include access to spa services and health consultations.


1) Evolve Retreat Co.– Located at carefully selected venues in secluded areas of Alberta, their partnerships allow for a varied array of experiences, while being able to experience the benefits of health and wellness on whatever your budget allows. This keeps elements fresh and exciting so that they can make the most of the surrounding Rocky Mountains, while the packages can remain the same. From nutrition to exercise, outdoor experiences like hiking and SUP, cooking classes, mind-body coaching, to even motivational lectures – each one provides encouragement and support to guests along their wellness journey.

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Their programs all vary in length and pricing – from approximately 1-5 days, but include luxurious accommodations, breathtaking surroundings, access to world-class wellness experts and a personalized program that will challenge your body and bring peace to your mind. Their goal is to manage all elements of your wellness adventure, so that you can return home refreshed, empowered, and energized.

2) Chimney Rock Ranch –Located just 1.5 hours south of Calgary, nested in the secluded valley in the Porcupine Hills, this retreat is set in an area that was once an ancient vision quest site for the indigenous peoples that travelled along the mountains. The 5-star lodge boasts spectacular mountain views, combined with a balance between zen and adrenaline.

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Each package varies in price and length, are fully customizable and include accommodation, guided outdoor adventures of choice for all fitness levels, spa services, meditation classes and Ayurvedic healthy living and meals. There are even options to get up close and personal with horses at a local ranch to try some roping, or even partake in some Western-Style target shooting classes, fishing, and more!


1) The Homestead Tofino –Located in the heart of Tofino, on a rock point sitting high above the water, this retreat boasts an oceanfront view filled with amazing wildlife and soothing sunsets. It’s not uncommon to spot eagles soaring above, whales, dolphins or even sea lions as they enter the Clayoquot Sounds. Run by a dynamic team of outdoor enthusiasts, their goal is to live well, eat well and practice mindfulness. They believe that fitness and wellness come from community, exercise, walking, talking, good food, sharing in both joy and pain, helping one another, immersing yourself in nature – all while learning about possibilities that you did not know existed.

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Wellness retreat packages vary from 4-7 days in length and range in price from $3,800 CAD and up, for the entire duration. Since they offer a very immersive experience in the heart of one of the most beautiful places on the west coast of Canada, a typical day includes healthy food, yoga, hiking, SUP, stretching, meditation, cooking and nutrition lessons, social activities and more.

2)Mountain Trek –Located in Nelson, this is one of the most awarded fitness retreat and health spas in Canada. This bootcamp-style program features Nordic Fitness Trekking and has helped many guests boost their vitality, reduce stress, and increase their overall fitness. Although this one doesn’t sound as relaxing as the others, it’s sure to provide added benefits that you can take back with you into your every day life. This one is more of an intensive overall self-improvement wellness retreat.

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You can spend a week or two at their lodge, nested in the pristine mountains for $5,400 USD. Their all-inclusive program, which runs from Saturday to Saturday, hosts a maximum of 16 guests. You’ll partake in different levels and types of fitness classes daily, yoga, use of spa facilities and local hot springs, and eat healthy food, which includes the removal of inflammatory foods – like caffeine. Wifi is also not permitted between 10pm and 6am, but you’re sure to find a better connection anyways.


1) Cabot Shores –Located in scenic Englishtown, Nova Scotia, this wilderness and retreat centre has become quite a special place to those visiting the Cape Breton area. Their goal is to connect people with nature by providing a relaxing yet fun experience. The mountain and ocean surrounded lodgings are what makes them quite unique. From a a Mongolian or Cedar Yurt to a Wooden Chalet, Treetop Dome, Lodge Room, Traditional Farm House or Campsite – there are accommodation options for everyone.

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Set on 55-acres of land, bordered on the East by the Atlantic, on the West by the Cabot Trail and the Highlands beyond, and on the South by Indian Brook. Booking comes with lodgings, food, outdoor & cultural adventures, wellness services, meeting & conference facilities and various types of retreats in an eco-friendly environment. There are a few set and themed retreats that run throughout the year, anywhere from a couple of days to a whole week, starting at $355 CAD.

2) Trout Point –Located in East Kemptville, Nova Scotia, and nestled in UNESCO Southwest Nova Scotia Biosphere Reserve, this retreat offers luxury adventure travel, guided stargazing and other ecotourism vacations, from its secluded spot in the heart of the Tobeatic Wilderness. The 5-star inn’s 100 acres also border on the waters of the Tusket & Napier Rivers, yet lie an easy drive from scenic French Acadian villages, historic seafaring ports, stunning beaches, & Bay of Fundy seacoasts.

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Now, we’re talking so secluded that there’s very limited to no cell phone reception at all. They offer a variety of culinary experiences, canoeing, kayaking, geo-tours, star-gazing, forest bathing, outdoor barrel sauna and wood-fired hot tub, access to nature trails and more. They’ve even won awards for their sustainability, including the Parks Canada Sustainable Award and recognition by the National Geographic Society. Unique packages vary in length and activity and start at $498 CAD.

3) Treetop Haven –Located in Mount Tryon, Prince Edward Island, this all-season wellness destination features five TreePODS, which are geodesic domes nestled up in the trees. Set in 50-acres of woods, imagine having your own grown-up treehouse with a birds eye view of nature! With easy access to red sand beaches, ocean and hiking trails nearby, there’s ample opportunity to maximize this complete immersion into nature.

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As this one is more of a DIY wellness retreat, you’ll find everything you need on site in order find and create your own kind of escape. Chelton Beach Provincial Park is a short 10-minute drive away, with much more to discover in the area, including local lobster shacks and Cavendish Beach. Stays range from $150-250 CAD a night.

Now, isn’t it time that you reconnect with yourself again? Happy retreating!

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