Jeffrey Dahmer’s surviving victims speak (2023)

Jeffrey Dahmer was sent to prison for life in 1994 after he admitted killing 17 men and boys, dismembering and eating some of his victims

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been dead for almost 23 years, but the murders and dismemberments of the 17 boys and men he killed, and sometimes ate, still haunt the living today.

Two men have given interviews to reveal Dahmer raped them during his military service, are now speaking out about the murderer who they call a 'sociopath.'

Preston Davis was 20 years old when he met Dahmer and was stationed in Germany as part of a stint with the U.S. military.

'I didn't care for him because of his racial overtures,' said Davis to The Wrap.'He was a very racist individual, and once he started drinking, he became a very obnoxious individual.'

Davis, who is African American, tells how Dahmer would often drink in the barracks and would boast about his first murder victim, Steven Hicks, whom he killed just a year before.

'Jeffrey had killed his first victim a year before joining the military, and he would get drunk in the barracks and say, "I killed the guy in Ohio," and we'd say, "you didn't kill nobody!"'

'He became a monster once he started drinking,' Davis added. 'Alcohol is what turned him into a monster.'

Two former soldiers, Billy Capshaw, left and Preston Davis, right, have revealed they were abused and raped by Dahmer

Dahmer joined the Army and became a medic; though he did not kill anyone during his time in the armed forces, he did rape two other soldiers, Billy Joe Capshaw and Preston Davis, right

Preston Davis has finally decided to break their silence about what happened to him

Davis, now 58, tells how he was taking part in a field exercise in Belgium with Dahmer in October 1979.

Their vehicle broke down with several days left to go in the training mission.

Davis tells how he was drugged and assaulted.

'The reason he didn't kill me was that were out in the middle of Belgium and he had no idea how to get back to Germany.'

Davis said that he blocked the entire incident out of his mind for 30 years but then his memory of the incident started to return.

'My mind had shut down that whole time,' he said.

He ended up having to undergo therapy for military sexual trauma. It only resurfaced in his mind after seeing Dahmer's name online.


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Preston Davis, left, was 20 and was drugged and assaulted by the serial killer, whileBilly Capshaw, right, also suffered similar abuse by the 'sociopath'

'I didn't find out about his death until years later,' said Davis. 'The only thing I can say is karma…. I don't consider myself a victim. I'm a survivor.'

A fellow victim, Billy Capshaw, also suffered similar abuse after joining the Germany unit and served with Dahmer between 1979 and 1981.

'Jeff Dahmer was a sociopath, a psychopath, a narcissist – he was insane,' Capshaw told TheWrap. 'It took a long time to cope with what happened, and I only came out with my experience when my father died. It was too horrible, too embarrassing, and I didn't want my dad to know.'

Capshaw was Dahmer's roommate during his time in the military, and he was tortured, beaten and tied to the bed many times over the course of two years.

Capshaw's account is documented on a website called Surviving Jeffrey Dahmer.

'Dahmer seemed like a likable person and had a certain amount of charisma, but within a few days Billy became frightened as Dahmer began his process of completely controlling Billy by various means. He physically beat him. When Billy complained to those in authority, he was told that he was a 'p****' and was not taken seriously. The severity of the physical abuse increased, and Dahmer used an iron bar, which was part of the apparatus for the bed, to hit Billy across the joints.'

'It was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,' Capshaw said. 'I was in a room I was scared to come out of. I would steal Jeff's money thinking that if he didn't have any money, that he wouldn't drink anymore and therefore wouldn't hurt me anymore. He beat me so badly for that, and to stop me from screaming, he hit me harder.'

Capshaw said he try to escape through the window or the fire escape.

'I thought about killing him, and I thought about killing myself,' Capshaw tsaid.

Due was eventually discharged from the military because of his alcohol abuse and began his killing spree in 1987.

He killed a man he met at a bar, dismembered the body and put it in the trash.

After the murder, he began to seek out more victims at gay bars.

Dahmer is pictured in court for the first time after he was arrested for a string of brutal murders

Dahmer was found guilty of murdering (L-R) Curtis Straughter, Steven Mark Hicks, Ricahrd Guerrero, Jeremy Weinberger, Jamie Doxtator, Ricky Beeks, Oliver Lacy, Errol Lindsey, Konerak Sinthasomphone, Ernest Miller, Anthony Hughes, Joseph Bradehoft, Matt Turner, Anthony Sears, David C Thomas and Edward Smith

Dahmer, who was already a convicted sex offender, was sent to prison in 1991 after he confessed to killing 17 men and boys between the ages of 14 to 33.

His brutal murders, which spanned a decade from 1978, included rape, torture, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism. He was beaten to death by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver in 1994.

By day Dahmer worked in a chocolate factory but by night he would go out to find many of his victims at gay bars. He would invite them to his Milwaukee home so they could drink alcohol and he could take pictures of them naked.

Dahmer would then drug his victims and killed them by strangling or stabbing them. The killer would dismember his victims, eating parts of their bodies and saving others in his refrigerator or other parts of his house.

But he was caught out in July 1991 when his 18th intended victim, 52-year-old Tracy Edwards, managed to escape after Dahmer had put him in handcuffs and tried to attack him with a knife. Edwards flagged down a passing police car and officers went into the house to talk to the calm Dahmer.

However when they searched his apartment they found pictures of mangled bodies on the walls and a severed head in the fridge.

He was arrested and admitted killing 17 young men, his youngest victim - Konerak Sinthasomphone - being 14 years old, and his eldest - Eddie Smith - being 36.

A total of 74 Polaroid pictures were found detailing the dismemberment of Dahmer's victims.

Dahmer pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 terms of life imprisonment in 1992 - the death penalty was not an option.

Human skulls as well as a barrel he used to carry his victims were found in police searches of Dahmer's home after his arrest.

The interviews can be seen on Oxygen's 'Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks,' a special airing November 11 and 12.


On July 22, 1991, Jeffery Dahmer lured 52-year-old Tracy Edwards, his intended 18th victim, back to apartment 213 at Oxford Apartments.

According to Edwards's statement, Dahmer first tried to restrain him with handcuffs. When this failed, Dahmer produced a butcher's knife and forced Edwards into the bedroom.

Edwards managed to escape the apartment after punching and kicking Dahmer, and flagged down a police car outside - with handcuffs still hanging from one of his wrists.

Police officers Robert Rauth and Rolf Mueller followed Edwards back to apartment 213, but they were struck by how calm and friendly Dahmer at first appeared.

Edwards told the officers about the butcher's knife in the bedroom, and when one of them went in to check he saw photographs of mangled bodies posted on the wall and a foul-smelling blue barrel in the corner.

He called for his partner to arrest Dahmer and, as one officer subdued the now struggling killer, the other opened the refrigerator and found a human head inside.

Further searching of the apartment revealed three more severed heads, multiple photographs of murdered victims and human remains - and evidence of some kind of dismantled alter adorned with human skulls in his closet.

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