Designer Chemo Hats, Turbans and Wigs for Hair Loss | Masumi (2023)

Here at Masumi, we believe that losing your hair does not mean losing your style! Browse our range of fashionable hats for hair loss.

We make our cancer headwear with the finest materials of bamboo and cotton. We select these materials to ensure a gratifying softness and comfort. Forget irritation to the scalp! Our double layering techniques and removable tags add further relief.

Masumi headwear provides crème de le crème comfort and practicality. Also, our designer chemo hats ooze stylishness. We offer lots of variety in alopecia headwear. So, there is something to suit everyone’s unique tastes!

Browse Masumi Headwear’s best-selling chemo turban hats currently available on the market. Secure stunning styles that will give you that extra boost!

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What we stand for

At Masumi Headwear, customer satisfaction is a priority. Our TrustPilot page is a testament to our passion! So, we are attentive to listen, adapt, and evolve from feedback. This practice has led us to receive many 5 star reviews. As a result, our service has an ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating. Also, we are proud to be Gold Star Service Award Winners 2021 at Feffo.

Our passion lies in supporting the hair loss community. So, we strive to deliver quality chemotherapy headwear with unique capabilities. Our exclusive designs blend luxury, comfort, and style. Thus, our headwear is a powerful tool offering a renewed boost of confidence.

What type of designs do you sell?

At Masumi Headwear, we offer a range of designs. So, there is something to suit everyone’s unique tastes! Choose from chemo scarves, turbans, hats and beanies. Plus, we have funky chemo headwear for exercise and rest. A core belief is that headwear should be accessible to everyone. Hence, the business proudly produces styles, for women, men, teenagers and children. We offer lots of variety in alopecia headwear. Our versatile collection is for those living with hair loss. It consists of timeless, elegant designs. Thus, you will look and feel fabulous! So, whether you are after a casual look, activewear to keep fit, or a remarkable piece for a classy event. No doubt, we have a solution to help you re-discover the former stylish, confident you!

What materials do you use?

Our chemo headwear uses the finest bamboo and cotton materials. Thus, this ensures a gratifying softness and comfort. Forget irritation to the scalp! Our double layering and removable tags add welcome relief. Bamboo chemo headwear is a great choice for ladies experiencing hair loss. Organic bamboo fabric hats are especially soft and gentle on the scalp. Plus, their antiperspirant properties allow your skin to breathe. The bamboo fibre adjusts the temperature of your skin keeping you warm on cold days and cool in the heat. Bamboo hats are a good choice for cancer patients and those with alopecia. They are suitable to be worn all year round. Plus, our hats provide sun protection. Additionally, they adjust the temperature of your skin depending on the weather. The fabric is insulating and hypoallergenic. So, it’s a great choice for those undergoing chemotherapy.

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What colours are on offer?

At Masumi Headwear, we offer styles in a wide selection of colours to suit all tastes. Our seasonal headwear means that colours align with their season. For instance, Autumn/Winter pieces offer bold, earthy tones. Whereas, Spring/Summer designs have brighter hues. Some styles are available in a range of different colours. Thus, this leaves the chance to perfectly match your hat to complement your skin tone or outfit. Some headwear is all one colour, whereas others feature a combination of tones. Our hats with scarfs create a lovely blend of colours. Also, the manner you style draws attention to different colours on the scarf. So, you can add your own flair.

How do I tie a headscarf?

The fun aspect of wearing a headscarf is the chance to experiment with different looks. It gives you the chance to add your flare. If you feel stuck, here are some ideas you can try out. A simple knot is a basic knot and very easy to do: it shows off the scarf’s design and the ends hang down elegantly. Plus it creates ripples with movement. A basic bow is another easy and elegant method. It creates lovely folds and a beautiful texture. Try out using a range of positions. Also, experiment with the size of the bow. In turn, this gives different looks. For instance, a small bow lets the ends hang down. For more ideas, check out our guide on how to tie a headscarf.

There you will find elegant, simple tying tricks to try out. It even includes step-by-step video guides so you can follow along. Happy styling!

Why should I use a chemo sleeping hat?

Sleeping caps for hair loss are particularly useful. A sleeping cap provides insulation and warmth to the scalp. In essence, performing the role that hair would. Additionally, during warmer nights sleeping caps are a great way to keep cool. Sensitive skin is a common after-effect of hair loss. Thus, a sleeping cap covering the scalp comes as a welcome relief. Also, without it, it may be that skin feels exposed. Especially if wearing headwear or a wig during the day is normal. Furthermore, it minimizes friction between the scalp and pillowcase. Our range of super-soft sleeping hats by having many colours. This means you can easily pair your hat with pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers. Blue, black, champagne, coral and grey are just some of the colours available in this collection. Sleeping hats contribute to many factors which promote healthy sleep. Read more about the benefits of the chemo sleeping hats here.


What are Masumi Gift Sets?

Treat yourself and your loved ones with an exclusive Gift Set. Each Alopecia gift box comes with a chemo cap and 3 chemo scarves in luxurious packaging! Perhaps you are stuck on what to give as a present? Well, Masumi Headwear has you covered. Our alopecia gift box makes the perfect gift for women with hair loss. No doubt, it creates a memorable gift to be cherished. So, it makes a super present. Also, to show a loved one that you are thinking of them. You can even treat yourself! Because you deserve to be. Each box contains a luxury chemo hat made of bamboo fabric. Plus, a selection of three stunning Yanna Crown scarves. Thus, it offers many fabulous looks. Also, our Masumi Gift Sets are perfect for ladies who love a selection of options. So, you can change your headwear daily. Select from six stunning Gift Sets.

Who is part of the Masumi team?

An everlasting enthusiasm drives Masumi Headwear, thanks to its incredibly devoted team. Our founder, Ali Nowroozi works in collaboration with the University of Salford. Through this partnership, he recruits many bright students. Together they craft and innovative. Our dedication has led to our close-knit team reaching a global community. Prior to launching the business in 2015, Ali worked in the wig headwear industry for 11 years. While doing so, he realised the vulnerability of cancer patients. At the time, he only saw unexciting headwear designs, solely for practicality. Ali yearned to create a superior alternative. Hence, the idea to launch a range of fashionable headwear materialised. Losing hair loss to cancer is a personal story to Ali, who takes huge inspiration from his wife, Anna. At age 14, she had a diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma. Thus, they both understand how hair loss knocks confidence and leaves emotional scars.

Where are you located?

Masumi Headwear’s headquarters are in Manchester, United Kingdom. It is fair to say we are proud to call this incredible city our base. For one, it is where we design our collections and also, the city where the Masumi team first connected. Masumi Headwear works in collaboration with the University of Salford. So, many team members first began during their Masumi journey during their studies. Many have since carried on working for the company. Manchester has given opportunities to form strong ties with charities and foundations. For example, the Christie NHS Foundation Trust. In fact, it has one of the largest cancer treatment centres in Europe. Maggies is a charity providing free cancer support in centres across the UK and online. In 2020, Masumi Headwear opened its first distribution centre in Connecticut USA and in March 2021 opened its brand new centre in Leipzig Germany. We love how we are expanding in the world!

What payment methods do you accept?

At Masumi Headwear, customer satisfaction is our priority. So, to help your shopping experience, we accept many payment methods. Needless to say, you can make payments via credit or debit cards. We also accept PayPal. Additionally, Amazon customers can use their account. So, you can pay at the Amazon checkout page. Or you can even buy headwear and pay later or in instalments with Klarna! Klarna lets our customers enjoy flexible payment options. Such as, pay later or pay in 3 instalments. There are 3 equal interest-free instalments. You have the option to pay later, giving you 14 days or 30 days from order shipment to pay for products. You don’t need an account! Just shop as usual until you see the Klarna options at the check-out.

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What awards have you won?

The business has won various awards. They include Top 100 Most Innovative Company of the Year in 2018 by BQ and Business Growth Hub. Finalist Venturefest Manchester Innovation Showcase 2017. Shortlisted for Best Established Business 2017. In 2021, we won the Fefoo Gold Trusted Service Award. Needless to say, it is always satisfying to see our hard work paying off and recognized by trusted bodies. Here at Masumi Headwear, we are passionate about helping others. Our mission is for people to regain their confidence from hair loss. That may be from alopecia, chemotherapy and cancer. Our ethos is something important to us. So, we are proud of our achievements to date.

Do you offer free shipping?

At Masumi Headwear, we do offer free shipping in the UK for for all orders over £50. Plus, for an extra 10% off, enter the discount code VIPMASUMI10 when making your order. To reclaim our gesture of appreciation first select your desired headwear. Then, choose the colour and quantity and add to your basket. Go to your basket; apply VIPMASUMI10 into the coupon code box. Press ‘apply coupon’ and you will see the updated price of your purchase. We wish you happy shopping!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do! The code for a 10% discount is VIPMASUMI10. To reclaim our gesture of appreciation first select your desired headwear. Then, choose the colour and quantity and add to your basket. Go to your basket, apply VIPMASUMI10 into the coupon code box. Press ‘apply coupon’ and you will see the updated price of your purchase. Follow us on our socials to keep updated on any other discount codes we give out during the year. You will find us on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Note that December is a particularly exciting time! It is the month we hold our annual virtual calendar. Each day we offer a new deal on our headwear collection! Sign up to our newsletter for more updates.

What is your return policy?

Any returns should be sent back within 30 days from the date of the invoice. But we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our orders. So, if you are not happy with your headwear, no question is asked, and you can return it at any time you wish! The return address is Avakino Limited, Adamson House, Wilmslow Road, Tower Business Park, Manchester, M20 2YY, United Kingdom. We recommend returning your goods recorded delivery with a tracking number. Please state your full contact details, together with the invoice number, your contact number. This is so we can arrange your refund accordingly. A full refund will be awarded for any unwanted goods. Within 7 days after receiving the goods to your bank account. Please note that we will not refund to you the original delivery or the costs you incur in returning the item to us.

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What kind of wig is best for chemo patients? ›

Synthetic fiber wigs are the most popular type of hair prosthesis for women experiencing temporary hair loss because they are lightweight, easy to adjust for fit, moderately priced, and comfortable. Human hair (full custom hairpieces) are costly and difficult to maintain. Hair stylists recommend synthetic wigs.

What head coverings for hair loss due to chemotherapy? ›

Caps, scarves, and turbans are becoming more popular as a head covering during chemotherapy. A wide variety of products are available, and they are considerably less expensive than most wigs. These can be more comfortable, especially in the summer and warmer climates, and allow for more diversity day-to-day.

How do I get a free wig from the American Cancer Society? ›

For example, some locations require an appointment to be fitted for a free wig, while others will take walk-ins. You can search for this information on the American Cancer Society's website at under “Find Support Programs and Services in Your Area” and typing in your zip code or city and state.

What are the most comfortable wigs for cancer patients? ›

Monofilament wigs are one of the most comfortable wigs for chemo patients because the breathable fabric is less irritating on the scalp than cloth cap alternatives.

Does Medicare pay for wigs for chemo patients? ›

Wigs are typically not covered by Medicare — which doesn't consider them medically necessary during or after cancer treatment — though some Medicare Advantage plans and private insurers cover wigs.

How much does a chemo wig cost? ›

They look and feel good, need very little attention and care, and are moderately priced ($30 to $500). A wig made of real human hair could cost between $800 and $3,000, or more, and it requires more care than you give your own hair. Go for the best-quality, most natural-looking wig you can afford.

How can I prevent my hair from falling out during chemo? ›

Can hair loss be prevented? No treatment exists that can guarantee your hair won't fall out during or after chemotherapy. Several treatments have been investigated as possible ways to prevent hair loss, but none has been absolutely effective, including: Scalp cooling caps (scalp hypothermia).

What helps hair grow back faster after chemo? ›

Try hair regrowth treatment

Some research has suggested that minoxidil (Rogaine) might speed up hair regrowth or reduce hair loss during chemotherapy. Doctors may, for example, recommend Rogaine for people who have had tamoxifen therapy for breast cancer.

How do you fight hair loss from chemo? ›

Look into cold caps and scalp cooling systems.

These devices have helped many people keep some or quite a bit of their hair during chemotherapy. Learn more about preventing hair loss with Cold Caps and Scalp Cooling Systems.

How should I wear my hair during chemo? ›

Cold caps and scalp cooling systems are tightly fitting, helmet-like hats filled with a cold gel or liquid that you wear during chemotherapy infusions. These devices have helped many people keep some or quite a bit of their hair during chemotherapy that can cause hair loss.

How long do you have to wear a wig after chemo? ›

You might want to wear it even as your hair begins to grow back. According to this 2019 study, most people experience hair regrowth around three months after completing their cancer treatment and stop wearing wigs one year after chemotherapy.

Does wearing a wig affect hair growth after chemo? ›

People often worry that wearing a wig will delay growth but this is not true and there is no evidence to support this. Following chemotherapy treatment most people do say that their hair grows slower at first, and then returns to a more regular speed of growth once the Hair Growth Cycle has recovered.

What is the most comfortable type of wig? ›

A hand tied wig is the most comfortable to wear and recreates the appearance of natural hair growing from the scalp. This type of wig has individual hairs hand tied into a soft, stretch net resulting in a very soft but secure fit. High quality synthetic and real hair wigs are usually made this way.


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