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What you’ll learn


  • You should already be somewhat familiar with fundamental business practices and be interested in learning to achieve more by working with and through other people


This course is used at top companies like Amazon®, Unilever®, Walmart®, Nissan®, and Citibank®.

Course Version 7.4 |Updated January 2022

5/5 Stars:“I thoroughly enjoyed the practicality of this course. Theory is great but it’s implementation of theory that makes a difference in the workplace. Great assignments and awesome interviews. I have recommended this course to my network and am sure you will too once you have comepleted this course. Great work Davis and team.” – Justin Underhill

5/5 Stars:“The entire course was very detailed in each module. It was definitely not for a beginner. I am pretty sure the senior manager or the mid-level manager will appreciate this course. Illustration helped a lot too. I truly enjoyed the course.” – Yoshika Okamura

Similar to MIT’s Advanced Management Program (which runs a whopping $65,000!), and available here for a tiny fraction of the cost. By taking this course, you can develop a higher level of leadership and management skills to help you reach your fullest potential and deliver extraordinary value to your team, your organization, and the communities you serve.

Advanced Management Training for Business Leaders

Take the next step in your career! Whether you’re an up-and-coming professional, a savvy entrepreneur, or an experienced executive, this remarkable course is a tremendous opportunity to deepen your leadership and management abilities, increase your personal achievement, and make a positive and lasting impact on the people around you.

With this course as your guide, you learn how to:

  • Transform your leadership style for the current business climate
  • Discover powerful solutions for common management challenges
  • Communicate and persuade effectively in the age of digital
  • Create a win-win negotiation that promote a long-term relationship
  • Maximize your personal productivity and handle time constraints
  • Understand management issues from a macroeconomic perspective
  • Invest in yourself today and reap the benefits for years to come

The Newest Frameworks for Leadership and Management

Engaging video lectures, expert interviews, and interactive exercises. This course is based on cutting-edge research from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and other top-flight institutions. You’ll gain powerful leadership insights and develop must-have management capacities. The result? You can reach your career goals and become a more effective change agent moving forward.

BONUS! In this Advanced Leadership Course, you’ll get insightful interviews with Brian Burwell, the leader of one of the world’s premier management consulting firms. Brian has performed consulting engagements with Fortune 100 companies from all over the world, and helps you contextualize each course lecture with his 35+ years of real-world experience.

Better Team Building, Communication, Negotiation, and More

(Video) COMPLETING MASTERS FREE OF COST | HOW? Watch this to find out!

This course features highly informative and beautifully designed lectures, little-known secrets from superstars of leadership and management, and interactive exercises to make these career-changing concepts come to life. The course itself is divided into three sections:

In the early sections of the course, you’ll discover how to handle the most common management challenges, how to lead high-performing teams across different situations, and how to communicate effectively in the current era. Today’s business leaders must communicate in person and through digital mediums. You’ll learn about delivering effective messages through multiple channels using communication models like the ELM, Minto Pyramid, and more.

In the middle sections of the course, you’ll learn how to improve your negotiation skills and increase your personal productivity. With negotiation, you’re likely to face complex scenarios during your career. You’ll develop go-to strategies for thinking “win-win” and claiming value from every high-stake negotiation. You’ll also learn how to use tools like the BATNA and Eazl’s negotiation preparation tools. From a productivity standpoint, you’ll learn to be dramatically more efficient and to work successfully with the many claims on your time and energy.

In the final sections of the course, you’ll develop the ability to look at key management issues from a macroeconomic perspective. This will allow you to anticipate macroeconomic events and important changes in government policies. Last but not least, you’ll develop your own leadership style by creating leadership guideposts and then building your own tools – ones that you can use to understand your own people and work better with your own teams.

Since giving you the most possible value is so important to us, Eazl is offering this course with our 30-day guarantee. If you’re not totally wowed by the content, feel free to ask for a refund. We will give you one immediately, no questions asked. Sound good?

Who is the target audience?

  • New managers looking to transition successfully from a production to a management role
  • Existing managers looking to get more engagement and innovation from their teams and organizations
  • Entrepreneurs who need to use “soft power” to motivate people to achieve exceptional outcomes with limited resources

Course Version Release Notes:

  • What’s new in version version 1.1?
    • Added welcome video to pose key questions and introduce key learning outcomes
  • What’s new in version 2.0?
    • Lucky you! If you enrolled prior to June 2015, you’ve just been upgraded to masterclass! Over the summer of 2015, entire sections on macroeconomics for managers, negotiation, personal productivity, communication strategies, and teambuilding will be rolled out! Stay tuned!
    • All new intros are now included to support the conversion to a masterclass.
    • Woohoo! The section on macroeconomics for managers is live.
  • What’s new in version 2.1?
    • Rock on! There’s a great new section on negotiation for you!
  • What’s new in version 2.2?
    • Woohoo! There’s an awesome new section of modules on personal productivity!
  • What’s new in version 2.3?
    • Check out the new section on persuasive, internal, and visual communication strategies for managers!
  • What’s new in version 3.0? We’re proud to launch a fully upgraded version of the course! In version 3.0, you now have:
    • A brand new section that provides detailed recipes for handling common management challenges. This section includes a guide to candidate interviewing and an entire additional set of modules.
    • We’ve now added contextual interviews with Brian Burwell, one of the world’s business leaders. Though we can’t tell you the name of the company Brian leads, you can certainly look it up on the web. Brian has led multimillion dollar management consulting engagements for some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated firms (Fortune 100 companies) and you’re very lucky to see and hear his perspective on the topics covered in each section of the course.
    • The content has been reordered, old introductions have been removed, and other changes have been made to upgrade your learning experience. Enjoy!
  • What’s new in version 3.1?
    • Woohoo! Brand new section intros to make your learning experience even better!
  • What’s new in Version 4?
    • In version 4.0, you’ll have access to a first-of-it’s-kind interactive business simulation that mixes video, data, and reactions to the decisions you make based on the concepts studied in the course. Stay tuned!
  • What’s new in version 5?
    • You asked and we delivered! We’ve now optimized this learning experience for you to receive your advanced management certificate when you complete 100% of the course. This feature has been popular with members of Eazl’s growth marketing community because it enables you to use your time and energy taking this course to earn a verifiable certificate created, hosted, and issued by Eazl.
    • The course now includes brand new footage at the beginning of each section that deliver the key concepts that you’ll build in the section. Overall in the 5.0 upgrade, we have embraced the sophisticated management science research that drives this learning experience. In order to make that research meaningful, you need to be comfortable with relatively advanced concepts relating to negotiation, communication, etc. so we’ve made that a bigger part of the new lectures.
    • A cloud-based study guide now accompanies version 5 of the course. This should make your learning experience more interactive and seamless if you’re using a mobile device.
  • What’s new in version 6? (Published November 3, 2018)
    • Our students asked for more opportunities to apply their learning, so we have used Udemy’s new Assignments feature to build case-study exercises for each topic area of the course. For example, in the practical management topic area, you’ll have a chance to manage the expectations of one of the high-performing members of your team. In the negotiation section, you’ll read the case of the botched Time-Warner / CBSnegotiations and have a chance to apply your learnings to what went wrong with this failed round of negotiations. Each assignment includes readings from world-class business journals and/or peer-reviewed management science-related academic journals, an animated case study, and possible solutions to the questions you’re invited to answer. We hope you enjoy the big update!
  • What’s new in version 7? (Published November 1, 2019)
    • You asked and we delivered! This year, we’ve added full, professionally-developed captions to the course. These captions should help you better-retain the management science concepts you’re learning in the course, and, if you speak English as a second language, improve your English language skills and build your vocabulary.We hope you enjoy version 7!
  • What’s new in version 7.1? (Published April 13, 2020)
    • We’ve updated links to many of the external resources associated with your learning experience. If you find any dead links, send us a message!
  • What’s new in version 7.2? (Published November 1, 2020)
    • You spoke and we listened!Your expert interviews in this course have been completely re-made and re-imagined. Many of you suggested that more concise, takeaway-driven interview editing would keep your learning experience more engaging.So, all of the expert interviews you’ll find in the course are now presented in the “Fantastic Four Takeaways”approach; four of the biggest takeaways from the interview. This should keep your learning experience exciting. You can also now dive into any of these expert interviews deeper, if you like. The full version of all of your expert interviews are now available on the Eazl YouTube channel.
    • Your course experience will now be much more streamlined. As a part of re-imagining how you experience interviews, the overall length of your learning experience (in terms of minutes / hours watched)will now decrease substantially.Whereas the course was ~8 hours in previous incarnations, now the course is ~4.5 hours long.
    • The section introductions have been re-created so that now, when you learn a new concept (like “Integrative Bargaining”), a complementary animation or piece of footage exists alongside the delivery of that concept. This should enable you to learn more quickly, and retain more of what you learn.
  • What’s new in version 7.3 (Published November 1, 2021)
    • In this update, we’ve added a suite of “Voices from the Field” videos, which is a lecture format that presents answers to management-related questions from a variety of people who work in management back-to-back to one another. For example, we’ve used this new lecture format to help new managers with common challenges like building trust, giving employees feedback, and coaching a struggling employee. We’ve also used this lecture format to add more content to the negotiation section of your course. Specifically, we’ve tried to enable you to gain skills in gaining leverage in negotiations and in communicating when you’re negotiating.
  • What’s new in version 7.4 (Published January 1, 2022)
    • In this update, we’ve added professionally-developed English-language subtitles to accompany all lectures and interviews that were published in the most recent update.This will be helpful for our community of ESLlearners!
(Video) Introductory session on how to make your business successful

Who this course is for:

  • New managers looking to transition successfully from a production to a management role
  • Existing managers looking to get more engagement and innovation from their teams and organizations
  • Entrepreneurs who need to use “soft power” to motivate people to achieve exceptional outcomes with limited resources


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  • AMA® Certificate in Analytical Skills.
12 Oct 2019

How long does a leadership and management course take? ›

An ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management has a total learning time of 370 hours, which equates to about 16 to 18 months while working full time.

Which management has highest salary? ›

Chief Executive

Chief executives work in a variety of public- and private-sector industries. Although they typically earn the highest salary of all management positions, they also work extremely long hours and are essentially responsible for the success of their companies.

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You can become a manager without a degree and with no prior experience by developing managerial skills so that you will be able to handle the many different responsibilities of a management position and execute your job well.

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Is certified manager worth IT? ›

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Robert Katz identifies three types of skills that are essential for a successful management process: Technical skills. Conceptual skills. Human or interpersonal management skills.

What are the 5 keys of management skills? ›

At the most fundamental level, management is a discipline that consists of a set of five general functions: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. These five functions are part of a body of practices and theories on how to be a successful manager.

What is the top 10 skills required to become an effective manager? ›

However, we do know that there are certain abilities and skills that are commonly brought into connection with management: these include decision-making, resource allocation, networking, planning, controlling, leadership, communication, learning and development, strategy, and much more.

What is a Level 5 Manager? ›

Level 5 leaders understand the importance of putting people first and strategy second. This means finding the right people for the organization, getting rid of the wrong ones, and putting employees in the appropriate positions, all before addressing business tactics.

What is a Level 3 management qualification? ›

The CMI Level 3 Diploma in Management, is a combined qualification that is made up of both knowledge and competence units. This qualification is for supervisors and first-line managers and has been designed to support the development of knowledge and competence in managing individuals and teams.

What is Level 3 Leadership? ›

Level 3 leaders are self-motivated and productive. As a result, they create momentum and develop an environment of success, which makes the team better and stronger. Another benefit of leadership on level 3 is that it attracts other highly productive people. Producers are attractive to other producers.

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Overall employment in management occupations is projected to grow 8 percent from 2021 to 2031, faster than the average for all occupations; this increase is expected to result in about 883,900 new jobs over the decade.

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  • Architectural and engineering manager.

How do I get into management with no experience? ›

There are lots of ways to demonstrate that you are ready to make the step up to a management position.
  1. Act as a mentor to inexperienced staff.
  2. Manage individual projects.
  3. Come up with new ideas.
  4. Show leadership within your team.
  5. Leading a group & planning events.
  6. Overseeing finances.
  7. Speak up & get involved.
2 Nov 2021

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Here are 8 steps to get hired as a manager if you've never managed people before:
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  3. Mentor a teammate. ...
  4. Support your supervisor. ...
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  6. Explore internal opportunities. ...
  7. Consider assistant manager roles. ...
  8. Prepare for interviews.
9 Nov 2021

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Applying for a Manager Position? Here's What to Do
  1. Research the Company. ...
  2. Include Relevant Experience. ...
  3. Highlight Accomplishments. ...
  4. Showcase Specific Skills. ...
  5. Keep It Error-Free.
6 May 2019

How do I start a career in management? ›

8 Steps to Kickstart Your Management Career
  1. Study a degree in management. ...
  2. A placement year can be critical. ...
  3. In fact, any work experience can be a great boost. ...
  4. Know the type of job you want. ...
  5. Network, network, network… and network a little bit more. ...
  6. Make the most of your university's career support services.

Which management course is best after 12th? ›

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